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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Follicular Unit Extraction, and refers to an advanced type of hair restoration surgery. is a method of donor hair extraction by which individual follicular units (naturally occurring groupings of hairs) are removed one-by-one and then transplanted to the recipient region.

DHI Method

It is the process of extracting hair follicles from the donor area via utilizing a micro motor and then transplanting them into the receipt site using a pen-like device called Choi Pen that contains a hollow needle in this method the channel opening and the implanting of the grafts is done simultaneously 

Sapphire Pen

Sapphire FUE is a technique of hair transplant  that utilizes blades made of sapphire during the incision making phase. With sapphire the process is more immaculate as the blades are sharper and see-through,  giving the surgeon the ability to see through the blades.

Needle Free Anesthesia

Precise control of injecting and the pressure while applying anesthetic that allows injection to be painless 


ClinMedica, approved by JCI USA and the Turkish Ministry of Health, seeks to preserve beauty and elegance by applying the latest technologies. Always striving to be a leader and reach the standards of our patients, we succeeded to extend our presence among the most prestigious hair transplant and plastic surgery centres in Istanbul.

  • Our clinic is certified by JCI-USA, and registered in the Turkish Ministry of Health.
  • We offer the highest quality of medical care from professional and experienced doctors and assistants.
  • Our medical team is supplied with modern equipment and facilities.
  • We provide 24/7 access to telephone assistance directly from counsellors and doctors.
  • Our high-quality services and guaranteed results are all offered at very competitive prices, with no hidden costs.


Ahmad Hajj

Thanks clinmedica clinic. Thank you so much for the awesome experience and the good care to it’s patients. I recommend every one want to do hair transplant In this place.

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The staff were very kind and polite, especially the operation Manager Mr Mahmut. Transportation was brilliant between the hotel and the clinic.

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Thank you ClinMedica was a really good experience and great results
Best regards for mr Mahmut and his team :))))

Pedro Pascual

Une expérience positive Bon traitement et un médecin très inquiet. Maintenant j'attends les résultats

Ameer Mahe

One year on I got my hair back and my smile back, I am a much happier person than I was before the procedure.

Jensen Combs

I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is thinking about having a hair transplant done in Turkey.

James Bill

Professional team, professional support,and i got excellent results thank you so much guys.

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I recently made it and the staff are highly expérienced and very cool . I liked it and i recommend this clinic.

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Excellent service.I would like to thank Mr. Mahmut and Augusto ...
I highly recommend Clinmedica to everyone!

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ClinMedica is the best from my own experience and its the best in istanbul.

FUE Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that involves harvesting hair grafts that are genetically resistant to balding from a donor area (usually in the nape/posterior of scalp) and re-implanting them to a bald area or an area with lower hair density. However, because hair transplant is essentially the art of applying hair and scalp anatomy from an aesthetic perspective, obtaining the desired results makes the skills of the surgeon performing the surgery key to its success. Here at ClinMedica, we perform both the FUE and DHI techniques, the latest breakthroughs in the science of hair transplant, in order to help you safely restore your locks with the least surgical intervention.

What are Sapphire Blades (Sapphire FUE)?

Sapphire blades are the latest addition to the FUE technique. After usual extraction is carried out, the channels are opened using sapphire pens, which eliminate any irritation or scab formation in the recipient area, leading to faster healing and less discomfort. Owing to the smaller incision made, tissue recovery is a lot faster than in classic techniques. Minimizing pain and the risk of complications, sapphire blades provide a safe and effective operation. In fact, thanks to their smooth surface, they also guarantee extreme accuracy of follicle inclination and therefore achieve better, more natural results in comparison to steel blades.

What is DHI Hair Transplantation Method?

The DHI, Direct Hair Transplant, is a procedures where channels are opened and the grafts are implanted simultaneously using an implanter called CHOI pen to ensure the channels will match the implanted follicles. Although it varies from person to person, this method is commonly used for those under the age of 40. According to the Norwood scale, the DHI method will produce better results for patients with a hair loss rate between 2, 3 and 4. The FUE method shall give better results for patients with a hair loss rate between 5, 6, and 7.