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African American Hair Transplant

African American Hair Transplant

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How Black African American Hair Restoration is Unique

Since Black African American hair has a particular root and due to the curly nature of the hair follicle, a hair transplant is more sensitive to do than a hair transplant on Caucasian or Asian hair, however despite the difficulties of the procedure, Clinmedica’s has an intensive experience and exceptional skills that enable the success of the hair transplant. Even though there are some similarities between black curly hair and other hair for hair restoration, the black curly hair has unique features that make it more challenging.

The following points represents the differences between the types of hair

1.   African American’s hair line can have two shapes of hair line positioning, low hair line and a medium high hair line, while Caucasian men have a high hair line and Asian men typically have a low hair line.

2.  The Black curly hair and the roots are easily damaged if the technique or tools used are not suitable in order to secure the health and the survival rate of the bulbs.

3.  The thick curly nature of the Black hair provide more coverage than straight thing hair. Which means less grafts are transplanted while still providing sufficient coverage.

4.  Since many Black men tend to style their hairline in a straight line, the Black’s zigzag line is much smaller compared to Caucasian or Asian’s zigzag lines.

5.  The angle placement is very critical when dealing with wavy or straight hair However, with the Black curly hair, the angle placement is not as important the doctor must only follow the natural direction and angle of the hair growth.

6.  Since the skin tone is medium to dark, the redness post op is usually not noticeable.