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Modern Cupping Therapy

Modern Cupping Therapy

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Modern Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a contemporary method that has a number of benefits to the body. Using cupping give the body the opportunity and the ability to
heal itself and get rid of toxic waste. The secret of successful cupping is in the scientific method and not in the amount of blood coming out. The less blood out, the more effective it is. Cupping therapy is a very safe, painless and harmless method to restore the body’s functions and improve its immunity.

The benefits of cupping treatment:

  • Stimulating blood circulation, as 80% of diseases are caused by insufficient blood flow to the body’s organs.
  • Relieve Lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels.
  • Energizing, stimulating the body’s reactions (Reflexology).
  • Reactiving the nervous system and strengthening the brain-body connection.
  • Strengthening the body’s immune system by stimulating the immune glands, especially the thymus gland.
  • Increasing the proportion of natural cortisone in the blood.
  • Reducing the harmful cholesterol LDL in the blood and increasing the benefical cholesterol HDL.
  • Increasing Anterferons which is effective against viruses.
  • Regulating hormones.
  • Regulating the symbiotic system responsible for emotions.
  • Energizing the brain, movement, speech, hearing, perception, memory.
  • Increasing the ratio of natural morphine.