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The Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant Method

The Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant Method
  1. As clinmedica, we also offers DHI hair transplantation services to the patients. Let’s take a look with more details on this method.
  2. DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplantation technique is a further development of FUE hair transplantation technique in terms of transplanting hair follicles.
  3. Hair follicles, as in the same classic FUE technique (rarely from the beard) are taken to the areas where the hair is loss with the help of micro-motors of course.
  4. The difference of DHI hair transplantation technique from other techniques starts from this point.
  5. The special technique used in the DHI. The first goal of this technique is to perform a lifelong guaranteed hair transplantation without using a scarifier or stitch and opening a hole in the scalp, Yes that’s true! This latest revolutionary technique using of scalpels!
  6. With this execution completed in a single session, yes of course it’s possible to have a natural looking.
  7. The main difference in the application of the technique is the use of improved implanter pen .
  8. Grafts taken with a operating pen ranging between 0.6 mm and 1 mm are transported to the other area without any other operation in the scalp area.
  9. This technique as knows is requires more attention and effort than other methods, offers a lot of advantages to the hair transplant patients.
  10. Thanks to the implanter pen, hair transplants are made fastest than ever. Because no need now to do stitches and scalpels are used.
  11. so there is no visible cicatrix after the healing process is completely clear.
  12. Another advantage is better control over the graft placement (angles and depth of the planted grafts) and better graft survival rates by graft placement.
  13. In direct hair implant technique,common anesthesia is applied to eliminate the sensation of pain. To the patients can return daily after the surgery without any breaks.
  14. For more information on DHI hair transplantation and to get free access to private counseling, you can just.